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Check Off






Note: I have removed Check Off from the Mac app store. I’ve received sporadic reports over the past few months of Check Off losing all it’s data and stopping responding to creation of new items or folders. I’m investigating the issue, and considering what to do with Check Off.

The venerable Mac OS X application Check Off is now available in the Mac App Store.


  • Check Off can be run as a normal application with a menu bar, or as a menu bar application with no menu bar or dock icon.
  • Tasks can be placed within folders, and have labels attached to each task
  • Tasks can have notes
  • Notes can be plain text or rich text with editable fonts, colors, and sizes
  • Notes can also contain links to websites or files on your computer, allowing one click to resources needed to complete a task
  • Tasks can be exported to HTML, OPML, Plain text and RTF

Screen Shots of the User Interface:

Check Off Main Window 5 2

Check Off General Preferences


Check Off Appearance Prefs 5 2Check Off Label Prefs 5 2



A demo of the latest version of Check Off is coming soon.