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Check Off






The venerable Mac OS X application Check Off is now available in the Mac App Store.


  • Check Off can be run as a normal application with a menu bar, or as a menu bar application with no menu bar or dock icon.
  • Tasks can be placed within folders, and have labels attached to each task
  • Tasks can have notes
  • Notes can be plain text or rich text with editable fonts, colors, and sizes
  • Notes can also contain links to websites or files on your computer, allowing one click to resources needed to complete a task
  • Tasks can be exported to HTML, OPML, Plain text and RTF

Screen Shots of the User Interface:

Check Off Main Window 5 2

Check Off General Preferences


Check Off Appearance Prefs 5 2Check Off Label Prefs 5 2



A demo of the latest version of Check Off is coming soon.