Friends Weather Privacy Policy

This page is the FriendsWeather iOS app privacy policy. Our general philosphy is to be very protective of your data.

We use Fabric to collect crash reports of the app. This includes information like your phone type and iOS version. There is a unique id on those crash reports, but we cannot tie that unique id to any particular person.

In the current version, when you tap the ‘+’ button to add a new friend or family member, we call an Apple api to show a list of contacts that have addresses from your Contacts application. For the contact that you choose, we request the following information:

  • First and last name
  • The image of the contact if available
  • The addresses of the contacts, which contains:
    • The type of address
    • Street, City, State, Postal code (zip code), and Country

We then ask Apple servers to convert that address to a latitude / longitude, and use that to request the weather for that location from the Dark Sky weather api.

All of this data is cached locally on your iOS device, and none of it is logged or sent to any server, besides the latitude / longitude to Dark Sky.

We do no other tracking of you as a user or your data.

We will never sell your data to any third parties.